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Metro Barber College

A postsecondary private vocational school specializing in the teaching of al facets of the barbering profession. 


Centrally located in the metropolitan area of Kansas City, Missouri, at 3801 E 27th Street and easy access by public transportation.

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One of the few Barber Schools in the Kansas City area who continuously provides the barbering industry with professional tradesmen since 2004.

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Placement Service

Additional Information

The Metro Barber College staff is always available to its graduates to its graduated for placement advising. The school cannot guarantee, by law, that a graduate will secure employment. However, the school has an on-going placement service.

Job placement assistance is arranged by:

1. Personal referrals by the school director to potential employees.

2. Personal interviews between potential employers and students who have completed the course.

Absentee Policy

1. The school should be notified if the student is late or absent from classes.

2. The only absenteeism that will be permitted is one that is accompanied with a valid doctors certificate.

3. The school will determine if an absence of a nonmedical nature is permitted.

4. The school is 15 minutes late for class, he/she will asked to attend the afternoon class and morning hours will be spent in clince work.

5. All students are expected to arrive and leave on time for all class sessions.


1. All students are expected to Sign-In and Sign-out daily, and on time.

2. The school is run on clock hours, therefore students only receive credit for the time Signed-In and Signed-out for.

3. Tardiness will reduce the amount of clock hours and will increase the student's projected graduation date. Thereofre, it is in the student

s best interest to b on daily.

Termination Policy

A student may terminate their enrollment with the school at any time in accordance with the school's minimum cancellation and settlement policy.

The school may terminate the enrollment agreement under the following conditions:

1. Infractions of the school's rules and regulations.

2. Failure to attend for 30 calendar days.

3. Not maintaining satisfactory progress for two consecutive months.

4. Failure to return from a leave of absence on the scheduled date.

5. Students failure to meet their financial oligations to the school. 

Definition of Clock Hours

Whenever mentioned in this brochure, one hour of scheduled time is equal to minutes of actual instruction.

Clinic Area and Theory Classroom

1. Clinic Area: Our well planned clinic area consists of 27 hairstyling chairs, mirrors, sinks and working counters with separate shampoo and shaving area. It is adquately lighted an fully air conditioned and heated with a central cooling and heating system.

2. Theory Classroom: This room was planned for the student's comfort. It consists of 20 writing armchairs, intructor's desk and numerous anatomical charts as required by the State Board of Barbers.

Student Rules

1. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

2. Students are not allowed to talk to one another while working on customers.

3. All work on students must be done with instructors's permission.

4. The floor and unit must be cleaned after each service.

5. The management reserves the right to tell the student when, where and how to work.

6. Students are not allowed to leave the building without permission.

7. Students are not allowed to receive telephone calls except in emergencies.

8. Al students must obey rules of personal hygiene, satitation and personal conduct.

9. All students must sign in and out at the current time.

10. Students must sign in their possession to receive credit. Students without tools will be sent home with no time for the day.

11. Students who are in attendance and do not take a scheduled exam will get an automatic grade of "0" and will be allowed one retake only. 

12. Waiting area chairs are for customers only.

13. No food is to be eaten in the school.

Dress Code

1. Students are expected to dress as a representation of good grooming.

2. School issued jackets are to be at all times.

3. Hats and/or sunglasses are not to be worn at any time.

4. Headphones or personal steros are not to be used or worn or at any tiime.

5. Open toed sandles are not to be worn for hugienic reasons.

6. Tank top shirts are not to be worn.


1. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

2 Profanity or rude stories are strictly prohibited.

3. Sexual harassment in any form is prohibited.

A student may be suspended or terminated fr any of following reasons. Suspended students must immediately leave the school and the building premises.

1. General lack of interest

2. Threatening, being disrespectful, or creating a disturnace to any client, student or employee of the mass school or barbering

3. Possession of alcohol or drugs on school property or during any school activity.

4. Non-Payment of tuition

5. Lack of academic progress as outlind in the schools progress policy

6. Failure to comply with any rules or regulations on this page or elsewhere in this catalog.

Drug Policy, Hazing, Campus Security 

Information pertaining to the school's policies on drugs hazing as well as statistics on campus security may be obtained at the school's office. 

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We would love to have you as a student at Metro Barber Cllege. We learn and have fun here. All of our students enjoy their time here with us. And you will too! Apply and let's get the process started tday! It is an easy prosy process. Just download, fill out and returnthe two documents below and you are on your way

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Admission Requirements


  1. 17 years of age or older
  2. High School Graduates
  3. Holders of G.E.D. Certificates or
  4. Have passed an independently administered test approved by the U.S. Department Of Education.

School Admission Procedures

1. Potenial Students should contact the school by phone or letter to request a brochure, interview, or a school registration form. All students must tour the school before nrolling.

2. The registration form must be returened to the school accompanied by a $100 registration fee in order to be officially enrolled.

4. If all requirements are met, and the school accepts the students's application, they must enter into an enrollment agreement with the school by signing an Enrollment Agreement form before start their program.taining their G.E.D. or by taking the entrance exam. However, any Title IV funding and/or graduation may not take place until requirements are met.

4. If all requirements are met, and the school accepts the students' application, they must enter into an enrollment agreement with the school by signing an Enrollment Agreement form before start their program.

3. A copy of either a High School Diploma, G.E.D. certification, or proof of passing the Department of Education approved entrance exam and a birth certificate is required. A student may begin classes before obtaining their G.E.D. or by taking the entrance exam. However, any Title IV funding and/or ganduation may not take place until requirements are met..

Class Schedule

1. Theory classes are held twice a day consisting of classroom work, demonstrations, and lectures, along with visual and audio aids. 

2. The period after class is spent working in our modern clinic salon on live models, under the supervision of licensed instructors.

3. The school class schedule makes it convenient for the student to attend class whether on a full or part-time schedule and to make up classes that are missed due to tardiness or absenteeism.

4. The average starting class is approximately seven (7) students per month. The maximum number of students allowed in the classroom or laboratory setting is 20.

5. There are a minimum of or two instructors on duty at all times as required by the Missouri State Board of Registration of Barbers.

6. New classes begin on the first Tuesday of each month. The 1500-hour barber/styling program lasts for 37 weeks on a full-time basis and for 50 weeks on a part-time basis.

School Calendar

The school is closed on the following legal holidays:

New Years Day

Martin Luther King

Washington's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veteran's Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

School Objectives

Our graduates are not trained in practical and scietific barbering, but they are also trained in all principles of barber shop management, business and personal ethics, and conduct towards the public as well as fellow workers.

Our graduates are not trained in practical and scientific barbering, but they are also trained in all principles of barber shop management, business and personal ethics, and conduct towards the public as well as fellow workers.

Educational Objectives

The Metro Barber College has specific educational objectives for each student being successful upon completion of the 1000 hour program in Barber/Styling Program as required by the Missouri. Board of Barbers. The school will provide the student with specific skills necessary to pass state licensure examination and o be gainfully employed in the Barber/Styling profession. Metro of Barber/Styling field.


These are the two files needed to get your career started in Barber and Cosmetology. Download now and email completed forms to admin@metrobarbercollege.com

Establishment (Cosmetology-Barber-Crossover) Registration (pdf)


Student Enrollment (pdf)


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Metro Barber College

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